•Over view and introduction of Express News with facts & figures

•List working stations and news bureaus separately

•List of programs with their brief introduction and host introduction. Timings and days

•All non-news hosts profile of Express News

•All news anchors profile of Express News

•Video / flyers promo of Express News

•Citizenship information required

◦Work environment of Express News
◦Number of employees working
◦Any activity we did as a CSR

•All the milestones of Express News covered since its inception

•Some information on corporate level:

◦Brief info of Lakson Group Alliances
◦Colgate Palmolive Inc USA (Joint Venture)
◦Kraft General Foods USA Inc (Licensing Agreement)
◦McDonalds Corporation (Country Development License)
◦Tetley UK Ltd (Joint Venture)
◦Titan (Sole Distribution Partnership)
◦Our charity organization Hasan Ali Karabha

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