How to play Worms Reloaded in Tunngle

Props to ShadowDuke in Tunngle room for the link!

You will need the following:

1. Game

2. Steam account (make new one, just in case)

3. No cracks needed!

4. Download the following files (scaned with Nod32 – no viruses found)

In the files you will also find README and be sure to read it just in case!

How to play: (skidrow version)

1. Copy content from /crack to gamedir.
2. Copy content from /smartsteam to Steam dir. (If u do not have steam, install it!)
3. Start smartsteam.exe (wait, its downlaoding and updating steam).
4. After that, start it again and make a blank (new) account.
5. Login with your account.
6. Downlaod Tunngle and go in a channel (Worms Reloaded Channel is already there).
7. Start the Game.
8. Create or join a LAN Game (You can play now with all people in that channel).

*Always start with SMARTSTEAM and not Steam!

*To search go NETWORK and search game

You are now ready to play Worms Realoaded.


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