Latest Anarkali Designs with Churidar Pajama

Fashion changes time to time and varies culture to culture. It is the sense of fashion which makes a person’s style never go out of time and makes it unique. Fashion defines the taste of people from various period of time where, Style states the individual preference according to one’s personality. If, Style is the culture then Fashion tells the history.

Culture is learned not inbred. With the cataclysms in occidental fashion arena the need for change in fashion of Bangladesh is obvious. AB Fashion Maker, which was founded by eminent designer Sanaul Haque Babul in 2000, is a new trendsetter in Bangladesh. Fashion is a fathomless gliding to abyss. Now this fashion house culminates to Zenith for different types of collection like handloom cloths, spray paint, traditional block dress and hand painted dresses.

AB Fashion house had to face some litmus test to prove it’s worthy. The house earned some prestigious awards featuring, The Daily Star Eid Fashion Competition, Pakhkhik Anonna Award and The Daily Vorer Kagoj Award.

The designer’s greatest inspiration hails from the landscape, nature, flock motif and heritage of Bangladesh . AB Fashion Maker adorns a fusion of our traditional style and contemporary western style. So anything new experiment from this sagacious house is considered modern and dazzling to fashion lovers at home and abroad. In recent years it simulates enormously amongst the enthusiastic fashion buff in Europe and North America.

Six designers, eighty five permanent workers and more then five hundred production workers and Mr. Sanaul Haque Babul, the chief designer transfigured with the huge outrage into a radiant lighthouse. The sparking innovation from AB Fashion Maker adds a new realm in fashion.see more design.


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