List your website on 300+ others in a few clicks


I short while ago I wrote to you telling you about the premium search engine
submission service and Wow! what a response we’ve had, people are loving it.

Originally we planned only to offer a search engine submission service but now we’ve
added a social & web 2.0 submission service and this means you can put your
website and it’s content all over the net in just a few clicks and without using any spammy
Imagine your website and / or it’s content on all these sites
Using our premium submission service allows you to submit as much as you want and as
often as you want to all these social sites and many others.

It’s super easy and damn quick also.

1) Enter a name for the stuff or website your submitting
2) Enter the website address
3) Click Submit

And you’re done!

We take care of the rest, your website will be listed on these sites in minutes.
But that’s not all, you also get all these extra services.

Premium Submission Service
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
We take your website url (domain name) and submit it to all the websites described
below, the end result is more traffic and better visibility within search engines.

+ Website submission to 141 search engines
+ Bonus submission to 50 Social & Web 2.0 sites
+ 25 Free Back Links from
+ 101 Traffic Tips Report
+ Directory Submission Software
+ Blog Commenting Software

Special Valued Customer Price Only $4.95
(Yes, Less Than Five Dollars)
Note: Some companies charge upto $100 for a similar service.

Best Regards



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