More traffic tips from Cape Town holidays

Article writing is well known to be one of the most effective ways of generating more traffic to your website by establishing your self as an authority in your field of expertise. There are many article submission sites that will give you plenty of coaching and assistance to create articles, but the tip that I want to share with you is to try to include your longtail keywords several times in the body of the article, with the first appearance in the first paragraph, and the final in the last paragraph. These keywords, added to your link in your resource box will certainly make a difference to the traffic to your website.

I have found another useful method that seems to be less generally known which is to make judicious use of blog comments to add value to the post. Google seems to like blogs at the moment and there are many blog posts published everyday. Those who leave comments like “thanks for the information” or ” nice job” add nothing of value in trying to leave a link today URL and should be considered as another type of spammer. Those who use comments to blatantly promote a product or service are worse. I have found, however, that if you leave a comment that adds to the information or knowledge of the reader, and sometimes the blogger, this is not only appreciated but results in those reading the comment tracking through to your website to get more information.

It is very easy to find blogs in your sphere of interest which you can read and decide whether you can add value. If you have, or if you open, a Google account just go to settings and select “Alerts”. You can then enter keywords or key phrases; tell Google whether you want or news or just blogs and specify the frequency that you want these posts and they will be delivered efficiently into your inbox for further reading.

Any small business owner can follow these tips to make a difference to their SEO


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