Four Fantastic iPhone Utilities, Free For 61 Hours

Must be March madness, App Store style, ’cause the deals don’t stop coming. This weekend only, Level 61 is offering all of their iPhone apps for free. Grab one, grab them all. We like each one of them for different reasons and we’re sure there’ll be at least one you can’t do without. There’s an app that provides a heightened level of security, a wonderful power management tool, a handy phone dialer that uses gestures with a whimsical interface, and a shopping utility that’ll help you save money by making smarter decisions at the store.

Level 61 is celebrating their 61 week anniversary by offering their entire line of iPhone apps for free for 61 hours this weekend. Score them while you can because the price goes Sunday at midnight (Eastern Time). Read on to find out more.

Gotcha Pro

This is one of our favorites of the bunch. Gotcha Pro delivers a bevy of security features that go well beyond the iPhone’s built-in passcode feature. Gotcha Pro uses the accelerometer to detect movement of your iPhone, then initiates a sequence of triggers that are pre-set by you. You can set it so that a loud alarm sound rings out if someone tries to take your iPhone. Or you can set it to silently email you the GPS location of your iPhone every minute while it’s on the move in some thief’s grubby hands. When Gotcha Pro is used along with the iPhone’s passcode, only you can deactivate the alarm. It’s a great app for anyone who has to worry about setting their phone down for any period of time. This one is a winner!

All Power Pro

This utility provides extended features for battery power management and in another must-have tool for your iPhone. The iPhone’s built-in power meter is great, but it only really tells you how much overall power you have in general. All Power Pro breaks down the use of your iPhone and tells you how much time (hours and minutes) you have left in your battery for phone calls, listening to music, watching videos, internet use, and idle time. It even breaks down the time by the type of iPhone you have, 3G vs 2G, which is very useful because the power consumption for each device is different. The graphical interface uses a plasma style meter, it’s slick, fun, and easy to use. This is another essential tool for your iPhone.

Attention Supermarket

You know those bulk items in the grocery store that always seem like better deals because you get so much more? Well, guess what? They’re not always good deals. Go figure, with the Attention Supermarket iPhone app you can now easily detect those hidden price hikes. Attentions Supermarket quickly calculates the per unit price of bulk items so that you can compare it with the single item cost, side-by-side. It instantly reveals when you’re being a smart shopper, and when you’re being taken advantage of. The interface is clean and simple, making it easy to use with one hand which is critical when you’re pushing a cart or carrying a basket.

Doodle Dial

We often wondered why we couldn’t dial phone numbers on our iPhone by writing the numbers on the touchscreen with our fingertips. Why not? Doodle Dial lets you do just that. You write numbers on the screen as if you were putting it on paper. Doodle Dial recognizes the gestures and dials the number for you. This is super convenient for those who like dialing while driving, or for users that have poor vision. Doodle Dial comes with several skins that include animated themes including our favorite, “steamy live cam”, which makes dialing a number just like writing on a steamy window or mirror. There’s also a nifty “favorite” feature that allows you to assign a single favorite number to a heart symbol. Drawing the heart instantly dials up that number for you. It’s very cool, but we’d love to be able to use more of these symbols to dial numbers. It would save so much time. Still, Doodle Dial does make dialing phone numbers on your iPhone a lot more fun.


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