Google Earth for iPhone – Bizarrely Frightening, Yet One of the Best

The Google power and mammoth control of the information Zeitgeist is hard to deny, or compete with. Since the beginning of the iPhone, this company has been infecting the technology with specially designed applications that try to bring the appeal of Google to a format specific type of application. Apple has been very receptive to this, even including a Google application as part of their irremovable inventory. Now the next step in Google globalization is ripe on your touch dependence and is going to give you something you have never seen. Google Earth is simultaneously one of the best and more bizarrely frightening applications that have ever been on the iPhone.

The application leads to space with an image of the Earth in the dead center. Using the same principle for enlarging images that you have discovered throughout the “i” use, and you just stretch the screen to go in deeper. Once you begin enlarging the image you begin seeing that objects on the Earth start coming clearer. Continue farther, and you will see countries clearly, with borders and cities being represented perfectly. If you continue farther you begin seeing into the cities, with streets, buildings, and parks being evident. These are not just graphical representations of those objects, but images of the actual things themselves.

The Google Maps feature works in conjunction with this as it ends up being the most comprehensive global imaging service consumers have ever scene. You are able to rotate the planet just like a globe, zooming in to everywhere on Earth in almost real time. There are some expected load times, but there is no way that anyone could reasonably assume that you could zoom strait in from a small image of the planet directly to your front porch. Very close images can only get so clear, and you are never going to get a picturesque photo of your house. You are still going to be able to monitor neighborhoods and streets, but again you are not going to get consistent real time images no matter how often Google Earth Reloads.

The program itself becomes incredibly useful when you are able to hit the search button in the upper left hand corner to find specific addresses. You can use the GPS feature to find your exact location, which is eerie when watched in real time.

This Orwellian feature takes comfort and usability as the primary attraction over security and privacy. The arguments for and against an application are philosophical ones, but since it is now available it seems that anyone not utilizing it is simply putting themselves at a disadvantage to those that are. No matter how you apply judgments, this is possibly the most powerful and revolutionizing feature on the iPhone. This will change the way that people interact on a world wide scale, especially when moving across the real map.



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