iPhone Poker Apps

What makes the iPhone special is its apps. It seems like almost everything you could ever want is at your fingertips with an iPhone and a simple app download. While this may not be completely accurate, it is a statement that is coming true people who enjoy playing poker.

There are now enough iPhone poker apps that there should be one to satisfy every poker fan. Here are some of the different poker apps for different types of poker that you might find yourself wanting to play on your iPhone.

iPhone for Video Poker Fans: iPhone Poker Jacks or Better

This iPhone poker app brings your favorite video poker action wherever you go. The game is Jacks or Better, meaning you need at least a pair of jacks to get a payout. The game has solid graphics and follows the classic 9/6 full pay payout structure, where you win nine credits for a full house and six credits for a flush. The game is not played for real money however.

iPhone for Casual Poker Fans: Apple Texas Hold’em

Apple Texas hold’em is a great iPhone app for casual players. You can fire it up anywhere, and if you don’t have any friends on their iPhones handy, you can play against computerized opponents. You get to make full use of the iPhone touch screen, dragging your chips into the pot and making your betting selections with a fingertip. It’s even more fun if you can get a couple of friends to join the table. The beauty of iPhone poker is that you don’t need to get all your friends together in the same place to get a game going.

iPhone for More Serious Poker Fans: Zynga Live Poker

Zynga Live Poker may be the future of mobile gaming. At this time, you cannot play Zynga poker for real money on the iPhone, simply because Apple does not allow real money gaming over iPhone. Other than that, however, Zynga nearly perfectly simulates the online poker environment. If you want the feeling of playing online poker from your mobile device, in this case, your iPhone, you want Zynga Live Poker.


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