iPhone Tips: Managing Memory

The iPhone is a powerful device as smart phones go. Instead of acting as a phone that has the ability to perform a number of functions and media management it acts more as a mobile computer that makes phone calls. Even though it does have the ability to perform so many tasks it still has a limited RAM, and half of it is used simply to run the operating system. Along with this is an almost complete absence of virtual memory that puts a strain on the phone even more. Dealing with the memory issues within the phone are an important part of standard maintenance for your phone.

One thing that is important is to keep up on any and all memory warning messages. These are often ignored by computer and mobile users, but in this case they tend to be very foretelling. Make sure to respond anytime there is a message and try to free up some space.

Make sure to delete any unused applications on a regular basis. This is just a standard form of cleaning house and should be done on a regular basis. Pick any application on your mobile desktop and hold down on it for three seconds. This will bring up the X out option in the upper right hand corner of all of the applications. From here you can press on each application that you would like to remove. Once you do this you must then go to your iTunes and then delete the same applications that you just removed from your iPhone. This way the applications will not reload on your phone next time you sync it to your computer. The same process is true with media, and since you need to use your phone as more than just an iPod you need to keep open space a top priority.

If you are consistently getting into problems with memory you may want to look at some of the places where you are using the most. Videos use much more than their fair share of the memory space, so these should be removed once they have had their primary viewing period. If you have several hundred people in your contact list you may not want to have photos to accompany each name.

One of the best things you can do if you are worried about memory is to use an iPhone utility app to help you manage the amount of memory used by applications. For .99 cents, the Free Memory app will let you free up memory with a single tap. It will only free up to 20 MB of memory, but it’s very quick to do so. For a $1.99, we love the Memory Status app which has a beautiful UI and will let you free up much more than 20 MB of memory. However, since Memory Status is freeing up more memory, it does take a bit longer to run. Both apps will show you all of your currently running processes, but Memory Status sorts and color codes the processes to make them easier to manage.


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