iPhone Tips: Saving iPhone Battery Life

When the iPhone first hit the market journalists, analysts, and rabid consumers went crazy for it in equal fashion. Though the device was a milestone in mobile communication, it still enraged some that the battery life wasn’t enough to get them across a few hour-long flights. There are some practical ways to save on battery life, even though some of them may just take the fun out of it.
The most basic way to think about this is to limit the functionality of your iPhone. If you need to maintain battery life because you are going to be away from charging options for a period of time then you are going to have to cut down on the entertainment functions. The iPod takes the most, especially for video.

Bluetooth itself is a large mechanism for draining the iBattery. If you are not prone to this type of phone use then it is important to keep it off at all times. Go to the Settings icon and then the General tab. Here you have the option to turn off Bluetooth capabilities completely.

The same is true both of the push Email function and Wi-Fi. If you do not plan on using either for a period of time you can turn them off, though keeping Email off is a better option. For Email you can go to Settings, Fetch New Data, and change it to Manually. If you turn off automatic Wi-Fi then it will stop searching for networks anytime you are using an internet application. Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and simply turn it off.

Your phone automatically comes set to go into sleep mode if you have not been using your phone for a couple minutes. This is also true when you are on the phone, all in the name of battery life. Do not alter this because it will cause an unnecessary change in battery life and will make it drain on a constant basis.

The best way to conserve battery life is to treat it well from the beginning. When you first get your phone make sure that you charge the battery fully and then let it drain to nothing on first use without charging it. Try to keep the battery warm whenever possible and always keep up on phone cleaning and maintenance.

It is true that everyone wants to be able to take full advantage of their phone, from playing Sim City while sitting on the bus to watching episodes of friends while in the dentist’s chair. It is important to remember that the most important function of the phone is to make calls, and if you do not have the option to charge the phone then you need to preserve its key use.


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