iWrap – Unparalleled Protection for Your iPhone or iPod

iPhones, iPods, iPads…it’s Apple mania out there and chances are you have at least one of these products in your pocket or purse this very moment. Many of you probably have even more than one. People are crazy for these products because, well, they’re just so darn good. But quality like this doesn’t come cheap so it always surprises us to see one of these mobile devices unprotected out in the wild.

There’s certainly no shortage of accessories available to help you protect your investment from nicks and scratches. The problem is that most of the cases out there add bulkiness to the devices’ form factor, or they’re just plain ugly. We’re huge fans of the film-type protectors that provide protection without the bulk while preserving the aesthetics of the hardware. So we were very pleased to discover iWrap, a unique transparent protector for iPhones and iPod touches that is superior to most of the film covers you see hanging on store racks. Read on to find out why you should start using iWrap today.

There are several reasons why we recommend iWrap above all the other clear film protectors that we’ve tested. For starters, it’s crystal clear and practically invisible. After applying it to the front of our iPhone, we were unable to detect any visual distortion of the display. It also didn’t seem to impede the capacitive touch screen which responded as if there were no film between our finger tips and the screen.

The iWrap is very durable, in fact, it’s made from the same material used for clear bras on automobiles. It provides a nice, smooth feel that we can’t find in other similar products because those are usually made from softer material. The difference in feel was instantly noticeable. Other films protectors we’ve used feel like, well, film protectors. iWrap feels more like the iPhone’s glass than anything.

iWrap is guaranteed not to peel or turn yellow. To preserve the clear transparency, it contains UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing do to sunlight exposure. iWrap ensures that it will stay in place due to a unique adhesive that creates a bond with the iPhone yet it can be removed without damaging the device’s surface. And unlike its competitors, iWrap covers the entire iPhone or iPod touch to provide maximum protection.

You can buy iWrap from their web site which offers products for all iPods and iPhones, and even other mobile devices. You can choose a full body wrap, or just protectors for either the front or back of the iPhone. Shipping is free, and it’s fast.

Pricing varies based on your device model and which wrap you want. We chose the full-body wrap for iPhone 3GS which costs $19.99. Like we said earlier, you can find cheaper film protectors out there, but none that will scratch proof your device for as long as you own it. For us, twenty bucks was a great price considering the amount we spent on our iPhones and the level of protection they’ll get by using iWrap.


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