More Free iPhone Games Today

With so many iPhone games now available in the App Store, game developers are struggling to find ways of making their wares stand out so you and I can even find them. One of the newest marketing tricks being used is to make a paid game free for a limited time, usually a day or so. This increased the total number of downloads as people rush to get their free games. As the download count rises, so does the game’s App Store stats causing the app to appear much higher in the App Store categories for most popular. When this marketing technique is successful, the app pops right to the top 10 list and will remain there even after the free deal reverts back to a paid app. The good news for us is that we can get free games and apps if we’re quick enough to grab them before the freebie goes away.

This weekend we have two hot games that are free for today only. Earth vs. Moon is one of the best Missile Command clones available. It features excellent graphics, primary and secondary weapons, the Open Feint community integration, and a perk store where you can buy upgrades to your satellites. The other free game is Spartacus: Blood and Sand, a 3D fighting game set in gladiator days. Spartacus comes with multiple fighters to choose from, each with its own weapons, shields, and unique fighting styles. There are several game modes to choose from giving this game high replay value.

We won’t bother with detailed reviews here because instead of reading this article, you should go download these games while they’re still free.


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