My New iPhone – Because Finger Tips Barely Touch the Surface

You invested hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone or iPod touch, thousands if you factor in the iPhone’s voice and data plan. Just what do you get for that amount? You get a beautifully designed box containing the most advanced mobile device in the world. You get a couple of cables and adapters for syncing and charging. You also get Apple’s official user guide to the iPhone, a flimsy single sheet fold out called Finger Tips. Cute, but really now, how do you use this dang thing? Oh sure, thanks to Apple you know how to check the weather and play some tunes, but like most iPhone users you only know a fraction of what is possible.

In all of iPhone’s sheer greatness, Apple has paid precious little attention to the area of user documentation. In fact, this void is so deep that many people end up treating their iPhone’s just like a regular cell phone, circa 2006. Thankfully, author Wallace Wang and No Starch Press have come together to publish My New iPhone: 52 Simple Projects to Get You Started, a comprehensive guide to the iPhone operating system that will turn anyone into a power user.
My New iPhone is packed with delicious tricks and tips for newbies and even experienced users with any generation of iPhone or iPod touch.

This book is not a boring user manual that lists all the features and options with dry descriptions. My New iPhone is meant to be very interactive, meaning each section is written as a fun little project you can do with your iPhone. Each project is short, you can complete most of them in ten minutes, give or take. There are 52 projects in total so you can do one a week for a year or you can burn through all of them over a weekend like we did.

By the end of each project you will have learned something new about the iPhone and how to actually use it. This approach is much more practical than reading long chapters because people learn faster by doing projects rather than taking tedious lessons or quizzes. At the end of each section the author suggests related iPhone apps from the App Store that can extend your iPhone’s functionality even further. This is a nice way to discover new apps that can augment your iPhone and introduce you to the vast world of iPhone apps.

As of this writing, the current edition of My New iPhone covers everything up to iPhone 3.0, but doesn’t include iPhone 3GS. This means no projects about using video capture or the compass. Too bad because those features are fantastic and we can only hope these are included in a future revision.

Still, My New iPhone is packed with delicious tricks and tips for newbies and even experienced users with any generation of iPhone or iPod touch. Heck, we even learned a few new things and we enjoy having the book nearby as a quick go-to reference. It comes in handy for those iPhone features we seldom use but need to know how from time to time. Crap, how do I sync my contacts again?

With the money people are putting into their iPhones it only makes sense to have a comprehensive book like My New iPhone as a companion to help them get the most out of their investment. Apple’s Finger Tips barely touch the surface while My New iPhone takes a deep dive into the operation of the iPhone and iPod touch. We think this book would make a great gift this holiday season and would be greatly appreciated by any iPhone user.


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