Free digital magazine reader for iPhone and iPod touch – Texterity

Texterity is a web portal designed specifically for reading digital versions of popular magazines on the iPhone or iPod touch. Texterity does more than just display the article text, it displays the text in it’s original print layout format with the beautiful typography and all the images. Texterity uses mobile Safari so there’s nothing to download or install, and it cleverly uses the unique features of mobile Safari to preserve the richness of magazine reading. The reading experience Texterity manages to accomplish is quite impressive and highlights the iPhone’s strength in rendering readable text and images. After using Texterity you really have to wonder why anyone would buy a Kindle book reader from Amazon when the iPhone and iPod touch are both capable of so much more.

With over 50 magazines available in Texterity, there’s something for everyone here from Modern Plastics to Rachel Ray. The list includes popular magazines like the Farmer’s Almanac, Vibe, and Popular Science. You’ll also discover many niche magazines like Drug Delivery Technology, Microwave Journal, and Powder Bulk Solids (huh?). If you like reading magazines then you’re sure to find something here you like.

Texterity’s start screen lists all the magazines available. To start reading you simply tap on a magazine cover or title. Tapping the ‘Pages’ button will reveal thumbnails of all the pages in the magazine. You can flick scroll through the thumbnails and tap one of them to jump right to that page in the magazine. Each page is flanked by arrows allowing you to page forward or backward through the magazine sequentially.

You will also see a ‘Menu’ button which contains some very handy features like ‘Search’ that performs a full text search on the magazine, and ‘Contents’ which is a table of contents that you can tap to go to a specific page. The menu also contains a ‘Share’ feature that lets you email a magazine link to your iPhone or iPod touch buddies. And if an article contains links, you can find those handily collected for you in the ‘Links’ menu so you can jump to additional information related to an article.

Texterity is a wonderful example of the potential that mobile Safari offers as a serious information delivery platform. We hope they continue to add more choices to the portal and would gladly pay for this service if they had our monthly must-read magazines available. We’d also like to see Texterity add a download feature or use local caching in the browser for offline reading.

To start reading digital magazines with Texterity,


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