iPod touch tips for business users

Captains of industry take note, the iPod touch seriously gets down to business. In fact, the iPod touch has so many business critical features that you could even expense it and write it off in April. But first, you’ll need to convince your CFO that you can’t do your job without your iPod touch. How? Create a list of ways in which you use your iPod touch to do business. Here’s a few to get you started.

Research – The iPod touch has a full web browser, not some wap-enabled wml thingy that parses out most of the web’s content. No, this is a real browser which means real you can do real research online.
Mobility – You can work discreetly from anywhere, even in the loo. And mobility = productivity.
Contacts – You can’t do business without your Rolodex and the iPod touch has a contact manager that’ll make the Sales team weep with joy.
Calendar – You won’t miss appointments because your calendar goes with you everywhere.
Training & education – Let’s face it, business moves pretty fast you need to stay on top of your game. With the iPod touch’s built-in support for images, audio and video, you have easy access to industry podcasts, audio books, and other learning material to keep you competitive.
And before you submit your expense sheet, be sure to read Seth Weintraub’s entire article about using the iPod touch for business.

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