Portable, universal, and clever USB charger for iPhone and iPod touch

We’ve been pretty impressed with the iPhone’s battery life, but still, with battery life there is no such thing as “long enough”. Thank goodness for the new Powerstick mobile device charger which is our new favorite accessory for iPhone and iPod touch. The Powerstick is a universal USB charger that fills with power via any USB device. It provides charging to power deficient mobile devices the same way, just plug it into a USB port and let it transfer the power back into the mobile device. At $69.95 it seems a little pricey just for a charger, but after you dig into the Powerstick’s specs, you’ll realize it’s worth every cent.

The Powerstick’s lithium polymer battery provides long life, and since it connects with USB there is need for adapters or convertors. You simply plug it into any USB port and wait for the LCD fuel gauge to fill up. After it’s full, you can plug it into your iPhone or iPod touch when you need a charge and press the start button to begin charging your device. You can also use your mobile device while it’s charging so there’s no downtime.

The Powerstick is completely portable offering a recharging solution compatible with any USB port anywhere in the world. USB ports are starting to show up in automobiles and airplanes which makes the Powerstick even more attractive as alternative power source for travelers. No more adapters for European power outlets since any USB will do. And the Powerstick has built-in safeguards to protect all ports.

The Powerstick works with any USB enabled device. It charges your portable device as fast as a wall charger. It takes 90 minutes to charge and provides you double your talk time or audio playback on most popular devices. The Powerstick also features an integrated micro-controller to ensure peak battery efficiency, performance, security, and stability.

The Powerstick is available at http://www.powerstick.com for $69.95.


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