Dear Aspiring Model,

Let’s face it… At one point or another, you must’ve looked at yourself in the mirror and said “Damn, I think I got what it takes to be a model.”

And why not? Modeling is a dream job for many young women. After all, what can be more gratifying than seeing your face grace the cover of top fashion magazines, of strutting down the runway to the flashing light of cameras and the adoration of the crowd, sporting the latest fashion accessories from the world’s biggest haute couture houses?

What can be more exciting than finally becoming a part of the exclusive celebrity society – the kind that you usually only get to see on TV? To mix and mingle with the world’s leading fashion icons and movie stars?

And, let’s be honest about it, modeling pays. Along with the popularity, fame, glamour and envy of millions of other women out there, you get an enormous paycheck – and the access to spend it in the world’s most exclusive nightclubs and resorts where common folk don’t have a chance of getting in…

And, of course, let’s not forget about the unconditional adoration and attention that you will get from men… Did you know that many of the sexiest guys out there would kiss the ground you walk on, shower you with rose petals and take you to the most expensive restaurants their (rapidly dwindling!) wallets can afford – all to be able to say that they’re dating a model?


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