The Engagement Ring Handbook

Are you thinking about taking that gigantic leap and asking that special someone to become your partner for life? Are you looking for the perfect ring, that diamond that is going to send her over the top and guarantee an enthusiastic “YES!” when you pop the question?

Do you find yourself wishing for a simple, easy to understand guide with just the important engagement ring buying information guaranteed to get you the most ring for your $money$ and make your bride-to-be thrilled and amazed at your diamond ring “expertise”?
Then this absolutely is the book for you. In it I make the engagement ring shopping process both painless and incredibly simple for you. I’ll share tricks of the trade including the down and dirty bottom line on “The Four Five Cs” along with money saving tips that will keep you from going to the poor house, while getting you an incredible diamond that she’ll be able to proudly “show off” to all her girlfriends. All this in the easiest and quickest way possible for you – I’ll give you only the information you need to make the best possible buying decision – and no more!


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