Bridal Make Up

Once in every girl’s life, she gets to be a true celebrity, treated like a princess and with the entire world around her craving to take a look and get clicked with her! Sounds dreamy isn’t it? But this dream sometimes turns in to a nightmare. Its quite often that the bride’s make-up either completely spoils the look or makes her look like an overdone disaster in the photographs.

The reasons could be many, wrong colour selections, incorrect highlighting etc. So before you give away your most precious moments in the hands of a beautician, it is very important to stay attentive and keep a strong eye that the make-up coins with your wedding dress, complexion and is subtle.

Best is to have a trial session before the day to check what will suit you best. The basic part i.e. the facial and body massage should be done a week before the wedding. If the wedding dress is very heavy and has more than two colours combined then the make-up should be light and more about highlighting eyes and lips that being loud all over the face.

You need to keep in mind is that the photographs taken that day will be eternal memories so it is essential to look good when flash light falls on your face. Pink foundation is a strict no as it will make you look pale, pick a foundation close to your skin tone. Similarly neon colours or very bright shades will give an awful shine when pictures are taken, so they need to be avoided too. Avoid smudges and dark eye shadow as the ceremonies take long and any eye discomfort may spoil the colour blend. Go for soft neutral colours that go with your dress.

Shahnaz Herbals and Lotus Herbals offer some great bridal make-up packages. You can also visit which is a well known name in the world of hair and beauty.

Eventually it is the overall look that matters. More than any artificial accentuation, it is the happiness and excitement within you that’ll prettify you. Last but not the least, do not forget to wear the million dollar smile, we are sure that’ll come effortless and the right kind of make up will keep bringing it back each time you see the wedding album


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