Eyes Make Up

Eyes are one of the most beautiful and complimented part of the human body, and enhancing their beauty is not an easy job. Every little detail has to be taken care of. From the right shadows to blending them, from liner to kohl, there’s a lot of work to do. It’s an art which takes time to learn and needs to change with changing weathers and events.
The eyes are the windows to the soul and knowing how to make them look more beautiful is an art. Bad eye make up is an eyesore to the wearer and those who have to stand the pain of seeing these dowdy makeup. There are eye make up tips that work perfectly well to accentuate this glorious asset that speaks volumes about people. Highlighting that beautiful pair of eyes will be an asset in many ways, as one will achieve a beautiful face. One of the first eye make up tips is working the eyelashes. Eyelashes protect the eye from foreign bodies and dust and they also serve as an attractive cover.
Dramatic eye make up is a popular trend that gives your eyes some serious pop. I myself am a fan of the smokey eye look, one of the hottest beauty trends that never go away. I love the beauty and drama surrounding my eyelids and there are so many great makeup tutorials to help you achieve the dramatic look.

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