Zulqarnain missing; new twist emerges

DUBAI: Pakistani cricket team wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider went missing from hotel room in Dubai this morning, as the situation takes a surprise turn, Geo News reported Monday.

The wicketkeeper Haider is missing from his hotel room since 6am this morning.

Sources said he was last seen at 630am while leaving his room. A Source said Shahid Aslam saw the wicketkeeper leaving his room at around 6am; he intercepted Haider, who told he is leaving to receive his relatives and would be back after some time. However, he was not seen around again.

However, in a new twist to the entire episode is a new message received on the mobile phone of wicketkeeper’ friend and Geo News corresponded Sohail Imran at around 1515am. The sms tells that Zulqarnain was leaving for England and urged security for his family in view of life-threatening messages.

The PCB’s Media Manager Nadeem Sarwar told Geo News that Zulqarnain had already taken his passport from the management on certain pretext last night.

The wicketkeeper said in his Facebook post he was leaving cricket as someone gave him bad message on losing in last match.

The wicketkeeper words are: ‘leaving pakistan cricket because get bad msg fr 1 man fr lose the match in last game.’

Also, a message from Zulqarnain’s mobile received on cellphone of Sohail Imran, said he is leaving the cricket as someone is giving him murder threats.

The SMS received on Sohail Imran’s mobile phone said, ‘Match haar jao’ (Lose match.)

In his second MSM to Sohail Imran, the cricketer said he is leaving for England.

Talking to Geo News, Zulqarnain’s brother Aqil Haider said his brother talked to the family last night, urging all to pray to Allah for his brother.

Team management announced three changes in the squad for today’s match. Zulqarnain Haider’s name was previously on the squad for today’s match. Muhammed Yousuf, who flew shortly to Dubai, has been included in the squad for strengthening batting line. Omar Akmal will play as wicketkeeper in today’s match. Imran Farhat and Asad Shafeeque have been excluded.


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