Homemade Moisturizer Loution

If you want to keep your skin healthy, you need to take care of the things of your face i,e Moisturizer, cream, lotion and many other things you need to take care. Always take care the skin of your face because this is important for you. You need to give extra attention to it. Keep your own face moisturizer balanced and try to complete it as well as you want. Make the habits of your own self according to your skin type. You need to give the perfection daily, many of the face wash come in the market, you no need to spend extra money on it. You can make your own face moisturizer recipe in you home. But it requires many of the oils for face. You need the ounce cream of facial moisturizing cream, that is easily available in the market.That is enough for the approximately three or four treatments. If the cream quantity make large then do not worry, you need to take care the things that you can store it in you refrigerator.

For this you need to the things If you want to make the high quality product, then you need to take the things in it in a good quality. Carrier oil is the basic ingredient for any homemade face moisturizer.Apricot oil is the most lightest and most skin-friendly ingredient.
In this you can use the sweet almond oil or grape seed oil also. You can purchase the things from the market as well as make it at home too. Jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, other oil are also necessary. These are the natural products, so you can use it freely.

You need to add following combination like lavender oil, choose essential oil for your skin, it has the better healing properties. Choose the oils that are match with your skin. Do not try to exceed 8 to 10 drops of every oil. You can add two drops of lemon as per as your skin type, but this type of moisturizer made for the normal skin. So you can use it for both skin like oily and dry skin too. Use the Six Drops of Sande Wood with geranium for dry skin, If you want to make the moisturizer you can add two drops of juniper and geranium and use the eight drops of lavender for sensitive skin.

So like wise you can made different types of moisturizers at home.


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