Hair Styles For A Round Face

Sometime you will not have another chance to make new experiences, so it is important to make sure that your appearance is great.

A friend of mine has a perfect round face. It also has thin hair so it does not grow much longer than an inch or two past her shoulders. In a conversation with her advice, my thing was that the most appropriate style of classic cut Bob, just below the chin. From the beginning, my friend considered this haircut is very boring, but day-to-Bay; she realized that it is not.
There is much she can do with this cut. It can flip it, flip it under the terms of his in the middle of his side, Tuck hair behind both ears and just one and carry it in several ways. It can also scrunch it and let it dry curly, mousse it, a part of it, etc…

One day she meets the perfect hairdresser with great talent and imagination. Barber makes a couple of strategically long layers in the back. She showed her how to tease this section, spray it, and then gently comb over it to create a lifting force to win her back. This great trick added an additional half inch of height, which was very good performance thinking that she is only 5 feet. Probably, the words can not explain enough, but this trick in combination with more layers of conical forward seems to elongate her round face and make it a more oval shape.


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