Traditional Asian Bridal Makeup

It is often seen around the world that women in Asia, including Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani women, especially using heavy makeup. The eyes are dramatic and the contour is generally high, followed by jewelry and heavy clothing.

Asian women are the most popular brides in the world due to heavy and expensive accessories used during the ceremony. Great is the essential base for make-up girlfriend. The Indian bride is outlined with the help of brushes and several items of makeup. The desired effect is obtained by mixing the contour of the cheeks and nose. Pakistani wives are also largely the way and much time is devoted to this task. It takes three to four hours in the beauty. Makeups, other items such as jewelry are also used. The bride is incomplete without the heavy jewelry, usually gold or diamonds.

The color pattern Bridal Asia is red, but mostly mixed with bronze, red and gold. The eyes are defined with the help of eye shadows and eyes.
You can even used false eyelashes to give a more dramatic effect. Most people think that brides tend to reject, so the shadow is visible and complete a perfect combination. However, this is not the case; it is customary to look down because of this ritual followed by our ancestors. The look is completed with the addition of lipstick that matches her dress and generally does more.

Among women in East Asia such as Japan, China and Korea, the dress code is different from other parts of Asia. The women wear white dresses and men wear their black tuxedos. Asian brides have a porcelain skin, if applied colors are usually mild.
Colors like brown and pink tones of the best work of these types of skin. The wives of the Japanese prefer lipstick dark red, it is said that Japanese traditional appearance, but in general, the composition is simple.

Today, married up is usually expensive. We develop new shows and competition is very high. Cosmetics and accessories used for makeup is expensive.
The function of marriage is a heavy investment in large parts of Asia. Dowry and other objects that are given to the bride also cost a lot. Wear from the bride, the event is a significant financial commitment. The great thing about Asian wedding makeup is that they show some signs of culture and tradition in their general appearance. This is a special event, and every bride wants to look her best. Something different is respected and the prospects are endless because the bride can take an idea of all aspects of culture and incorporate it into his appearance.


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