How To Prevent Oily Skin

Oily Skin is the problem for the ladies and women who mostly go out and live outside for the job and for other purposes she need. Now a day the envoirnmental pollution is very commen and every man and women suffer from this disease.

For this you have to take care that do not use oily things comes in fatty categories. Always try to use the thing that do not have contain any fat or oil free diet. Face you wash 2 to 3 times in a day. Try to wash it with a good face wash product. Always use oil free moisturizer, lotions and cosmetics.

Use the clay based face mask twice or thrice in a week. It will completely absorber your face oil and give you managed face skin for your face. Always try to choose products that containing on Alfa Hydroxide Acids, this remove the dead sells of your skin and help to make your skin smooth and glowy appearances.

Try to use the Papaya mask for your face and apply it on your face twice in a week. It will also helps to absorber the oil of your face.

Try to hydrate your skin by drinking the eight glass of water in a day. Chamomile, Lavender oil or Dried herbs helps to make your face from oil free appearance. Use Parsley and Thyme with the water.

Take your intake with fresh fruits and vegetables with drinking lots of water. Avoid the oily and fatty intake diet for your daily routine. The sun bath gives you health and reduce your inner oily skin problem.

Use the vitamin A, B, C, and all multivitamins in your daily food and in your routine diet. So these are the points if you will follow them you not need to go for any dermatologist. So can be your own doctor.


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