Types of Different Foundations

You will found different types of Make up Foundation in market like liquid,cream based, cake or stick, water proof, mineral,

spray type foundations. It will use for one pour pose but for different skin type give them different result. Like wise we

tell you before that the liquid foundation use for the dry skin. It will give the complete compliment for your self. and cake

and powder foundation use for the perforce of oily and soft skin. So here we are giving you more ideas that what types of

products and foundation use for what.

cream or Liquid foundation

First we will talk about cream foundation it will give you ideal skin for dry skin. You will use some creamy and most liquid

foundation mostly suit to your skin.You can mix the liquid foundation as well as you can. This will give you moist and give you large amount of freshness on your face.
You can apply it with sponge as well as you can apply the Matt and liquid foundation mix it with together.

You can apply it with sponge as well as you can apply the Matt and liquid foundation mix it with together. This is easy to use, this is available in bottles and you can easily apply it on your face as well as you want. These types of creamy and liquid foundation available in oily and water based foundation.

Now we are coming on the next foundation type that will be look cake or creamy foundation type. This type of cake and soft touch foundation will give you nice dry effect to your skin. It will give you complete look and complement with your skin type. This is best suited on oil based foundation. The cake and stick foundation covers your dense look and scars as well.

This will hide lots of problems of your face because it will give you nice and healthy look and give you great combination of skins.Next is the water proof base foundation, it will give you confidence that you will carry the make up as much as you can. If you want that your foundation will live for a long time then this is the better choice that you can use the things in it.


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