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Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy

Video rental giant Blockbuster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to cut its debt from $1 billion to about $100 million. Carl Icahn holds about 1/3 of the senior debt of the video chain.
Dallas-based Blockbuster has total assets of $1.02 billion and $1.46 billion in liabilities. The bankruptcy will allow the video rental to operate but will need to close hundreds of stores.

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Facebook to Come Out with a Smartphone – Really?

If Google gave up with it, why is Facebook coming with theirs? The wonders popular web portals does with extra cash.
In any case, Reuters reports this topic from Bloomberg that cited it from three unknow people “familiar with the matter.” Mediaspeak for “it may be true, y’know!” Facebook, they say, is working (not talking) with mobile phone maker INQ Mobile Ltd. to create two smartphones. They also say these phones may hook up with the networks of phone giant AT&T.
INQ Mobile is based in London and is backed by Hong Kong telecom firm Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.
Source: Reuters

Famous Rivalries: Edison vs. Tesla

The rivalry between Edison vs. Tesla is one of the best that History has to offer because of the extreme polarity between Edison and Tesla as individuals. Edison was a cranky old man who tinkered with machines in his garage until he figured out how to provide electricity to the world. Tesla would frequently black out and have visions about crazy futuristic machines, then wake up and build a Death Ray from memory. It’s almost like Edison and Tesla were designed to be ruthless genius adversaries.

Famous Rivalries: Real Money vs. Fake Money

The battle of Real Money vs. Fake Money is just another way of saying “The History of Counterfeiting”, and counterfeiting is a concept that you’re already familiar with. Remember that scene in Goonies when they’re in the basement and Data turns on the machine and then he starts yelling, “Fitty Dalla Bew! Fitty Dalla Bew!”? Well, that was a counterfeit money press. Slick Shoes! Pinchers of Power! Hey You Guuuuys! (featured on, the premier online destination for all things that have to do with money and rich people stuff).

Dead Rising 2 MSVCR100.dll fix

Dead Rising 2 MSVCR100.dll fix

Easy fix:) Download and install Visual Studio 2010 c++ redistributable. That worked for most people. According to some, changing the sample rate in sound settings may help, but I prefer first option. Here is the link. Additional notes: – No lan available yet – MS Live disabled with skidrow crack – If you like the … Read more

Machinarium, offers $5 amnesty sale to those who pirated their game

Machinarium, offers $5 amnesty sale to those who pirated their game

Adventure game Machinarium focuses their attention to those who pirated the game by offering amnesty sale and a chance to redeem yourself. Game is now available for 5$ (it used to be 20$). Soundtrack included! “We released the game DRM-free which means it doesn’t include any anti-piracy protection, therefore the game doesn’t bother players serial … Read more