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Make Beautiful Feet With Mehndi

Make Beautiful Feet With Mehndi

In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to look different from the others, especially during festivals and ceremonies such as weddings. And when we speak of looking different and beautifying body parts, the feet is an important portion of the body that has to be adorned and beautified gorgeously as well. Imagine having a beautiful face and hands, but feet that are not taken care of, it would not fit at all I you ask me.

Japanese Tattoo Pictures

Japanese Tattoo Pictures

Japanese dragons mean different things to different people, and tattoo culture in the modern United States seems to be morphing away from what dragons represented in traditional Japanese texts, like the Kojiki and Nihongi that were written all the way back in 7th and 8th century Japan and earlier.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Design

The charm of Pakistani weddings can be seen everywhere, as the latest bridal mehndi designs also exhibit the joyous mood of the wedding ceremony. The bride is keen and enthusiastic to select the most beautiful design that would grace her hands, and with the wide array of designs and patterns, it becomes easier to select the ideal mehndi design.When you are pondering to know the secrets about the right selection and application related to mehndi designs, the 3 surefire ways to select best bridal mehndi designs makes your task easier.

The most important aspect that demands attention on the part of the bride is the patterns and designs related to the mehndi bridal designs. The designs and patterns in mehndi embrace a huge variety, as you can come by elegant bridal designs, classical designs, royal designs as well as contemporary designs.

Selecting the right mehndi bridal design that provides gorgeous looks to your hands is the significant aspect that creates a huge difference. These mehndi bridal designs can also be selected as in a way that they match well with the bridal Pakistani dresses, and the combination serves well to bring in the glamorous touch during the ceremony.
As you explore various possibilities to select the best design, it is also essential to hire the services of the ideal mehndi artist who can bring out the best of the designs through their services. The previous works related to the mehndi artist will serve well to know the quality of service and the rates pertaining to services also matter much as when you look to hire their services.

Latest Mehndi Body Art Trend

The ancient art of henna painting originated from India, and is largely used in traditional and cultural events and festivals in countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sudan, the Middle East and even some of the Western nations as well. Created as a ceremonial art that is performed through henna painting, the art of mehndi is also known as mehendi, mehandi, al-henna, henna and a variety of other names all across the globe.

Latest Mehndi Body Art Trend

Popular especially in Rajastan, India during weddings, the bridegrooms would be decorated with mehndi in addition to the brides, making the festival a truly colorful and exciting event. Women tend to wear mehndi for their weddings, and even during non-wedding festivals, especially in India and other parts of the world (for instance the Rongali Bihu festival in Assam). Sometimes relatives and friends of the bride also wear mehndi to make a wedding a grander affair.

The art of mehndi is now popular even in the United States, where it is called the henna body art, and is fast becoming one of the most popular body art methods in the country. The art utilizes henna (a type of dry derived from the henna leaves that are dried and ground), and the dye would be drawn and colored on body parts such as hands and legs. The result would be a set of beautiful designs that would undoubtedly set you apart from the rest.
In terms of historical use and the origins of the art, the concept of henna has been in existence since the 12th century in the cities of ancient India, and it is believed that Arabic Muslims brought henna to India where is went on to become one of the most popular and in-demand body arts there. Henna is believed to symbolize fertility, and during a wedding any henna artwork would work to signify the love that is shared between husband and wife. Long-lasting and enduring love is also displayed through the use of mehndi during weddings. The application of mehndi prior to a wedding comes attached with games, thus it adds more fun to a wedding ceremony indirectly. According to legend, the darker the color of the henna, the stronger the relationship would turn out to be.

Apart from cultural significance, mehndi is also celebrated for its cooling therapeutic effects, especially when you are living in a country that experiences hot weather. If you are interested in getting a view of this famed artwork, pay an Indian wedding a visit, and have a look at the gorgeous designs of mehndi yourself!

Mehndi accessorize brides in a beautiful manner

Everybody is quite aware of the fact that wedding is an elaborate affair in India. It is celebrated with much gaiety and comprises of a large number of rituals, customs and traditions. Mehndi ceremony is one of the most important rituals of Indian wedding and has great significance. As mehndi is applied on the hands as well on the feet of the bride in beautiful designs of bride that’s why this ceremony is called mehndi ceremony. The henna or mehndi is removed only after it dries off completely, yet the bride cannot wash her hands and feet with water, for at least next 12 hours to make sure that the color comes out to be dark and rich.

Mehndi signifies love; bride will receive in her husband’s house. Also it said that the darker the color of the mehendi, the stronger will be the marriage. Simultaneously, darker the color of henna is, more love bride will receive from her husband as well as from her in-laws. Due to all these reasons after the application of mehndi, the bride takes a lot of efforts, like applying oil or heat, to ensure that the color come out dark. This occasion is considered very auspicious.

According to traditional custom, design drawn on the hands and feet of a bride is of the ‘baraat’ and the ‘doli’. Designing of both these designs requires long hours and are very intricate. Other traditional mehendi designs include peacock, kalash, flowers, leaves etc. Writing groom’s name and image of the bride and groom, is compulsorily involved in mehndi design.

But with the changing times, designs of mehndi have changed a lot. Many new and modern styles have come into being. Even the traditional mehndi made from henna leaves has beeen replaced with tattoo mehendi, chemical mehendi, stone mehendi and even sparkle mehendi. These are high popular nowadays. Many eye-catching patterns are made out of them. Application of these new designs takes much lesser time, that’s why highly liked by today’s brides.

Mehndi is an essential part of bridal fashion and perfectly represent it. Make your wedding memorable in your own choice mehndi design. And yes, though mehndi is applied on hands but reflection of their beauty can be seen on bride’s face.