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The 30 most anticipated games of 2010

The economy may seem bleak, but the game lineup in 2010 looks promising.
Say what you will about the gaming industry in 2009. Yeah, it was a little rough, with consumers tightening their belts and only a few megahits. However, we did see price drops for all the major consoles, a gazillion new iPhone games, and a smattering of amazing titles, some of which we’re still playing.

But forget about the past, it’s time to look ahead and search out the most anticipated games of next year. Our list nearly doubles 2009’s, so there is a lot to get excited about.

While most of the titles on our list are scheduled for a 2010 release (and yes, several were supposed to come out in 2009), needless to say some release dates are more iffy than others. Check out our slideshow to see if your picks match up with ours.

Click on link below (or image) to start the slideshow. (Titles are listed in order of release date.)

Dead Rising 2 MSVCR100.dll fix

Easy fix:) Download and install Visual Studio 2010 c++ redistributable. That worked for most people. According to some, changing the sample rate in sound settings may help, but I prefer first option. Here is the link. Additional notes: – No lan available yet – MS Live disabled with skidrow crack – If you like the … Read more

How to play Civilization V online

The following post was not writen by me. Original post can be found here. I cannot confirm whether this works 100% or not, I might in the future though.

1) Install Civilization 5 Skidrow release
2) Apply Skidrow crack
3) Edit steamclient.dll (in game directory) using notepad or hex editor replacing SKIDROW with your Steam Username – Screenshot
4) Start Steam and login to account u entered in steamclient.dll (you can create new account or use existing one)
5) Run Civilization 5 and go to Multiplayer (not LAN!)
6) Play the game! – Screenshot

1. Editing steamclient.dll and starting a game will give you an error, just ignore it.
2. You dont need Tunngle or Hamachi.
3. Connecting to LAN games using this method with Tunngle / Hamachi not working! – stuck on Retrieving Host Information.
4. You can use SmartSteam or regular Steam, no difference just keep logged in.

Additional notes:

– Support those who make it happen (that you can play online)

– Support the developers – If you like the game buy it .