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Google’s newest photo management tool, now for iPhone and iPod touch

Google is at it again. After quietly releasing a new iPhone optimized version of its home page and core services, today they release an iPhone and iPod touch version of Picassa Web, the photo management tool. Picassa, in case you are not already familiar with it, is a free desktop-based photo management tool which Google acquired in 2004. Since then, Google enhanced Picassa with web based photo albums allowing users to upload and manage albums from a web browser and share them with friends and family. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

This iPhone release allows you to quickly see all of your web albums using Mobile Safari. Clicking on albums gives you full picture views and comments from your friends. Other features allow you to view your friends’ albums (located under ‘favorites’), search for photos in your own albums or the community photos, or choose to view albums in a slideshow.

This version of Picassa Web can be accessed with iPhone or iPod Touch at picasaweb.google.com. You can go to Google’s home page and launch this application from the “More” tab. Currently, this is only available in English, but since you’re reading this we assume that’s not an issue. However, if your foreign friends can’t find the link under “More”, tell them to change their language preferences to English and then they should see it.

To upload your photos to Picassa Web you must download the desktop application first. It’s totally slick, and free, so there’s no reason not to check it out. It’s available for Mac and PC.

Snapture – A Leap Forward in iPhone Photography (no jailbreak required)

Over half a million iPhone photographers have long sung the praises of Snapture, an iPhone app that helps you take better pictures with your iPhone camera. The iPhone’s built-in camera app is so basic that it seems like an afterthought. Snapture, however, seeks to improve the quality of mobile photography by turning the iPhone into a true digital camera by adding features not found in the camera app.

Up until today, the only way to enjoy the features of Snapture was to jailbreak your iPhone. Previously, Apple was forcing developers to use the SDK’s camera framework which was too limiting to enable the advanced features found in Snapture. Now, at a last, all iPhone owners can enjoy the benefits of Snapture which has just been added to the App Store. If you take any still photos with your iPhone, then this app is for you.

The Best Halloween iPhone Apps

Fright night is almost upon us once again, so here’s our round up of the best halloween themed iPhone apps we’ve been playing with recently.

This year’s batch includes a lot of entertaining apps, some for adults and others perfect for the kids. Don’t have a costume idea yet? We found an app that will suggest some great costumes for you. We also have some terrific iPhone games to tell you about and a few other spooky apps that will help set the mood for your Halloween this year. Read on to learn more about our favorite apps for tricks and treats.

iDracula – Undead Awakening – $ 0.99

iDracula is a top down shooter game that pits you against waves of Dracula’s undead army that attack you from all sides. As you move in any direction the map scrolls with you. The levels are nicely designed and appropriately creepy.

As you progress through the levels you encounter various types of enemies until you finally face Dracula himself. You also get to use a variety of weapons from shotguns to flamethrowers. The graphics are slick, the sound is great, and the controls are very intuitive. This is a very fun game that you can jump in a play for a short time, or for an hour.

Halloween Costume Generator – $1.99

Can’t think of a good Halloween costume this year? No problem. This app will help you come up with great costume ideas. You simply enter gender, type of party, and your current mood. The app then suggests an appropriate costume for you complete with a sample picture of how you might put it together.

Some of the suggestions we saw are “Drunk Santa” and “American Tourist”. This app also has a nice pipe organ soundtrack to help set the halloween mood and each costume idea is accompanied by a song. The Michael Phelps costume appropriately plays “Smoke on the Water”. It’s a fun app and gives you some creative costume ideas.

GhostCam – $0.99

This app takes its cue from Disney’s Haunted Mansion where you see ghosts riding with you in the mirror at the end of the ride. GhostCam is a photo app that overlays a ghostly image on top of the photo you take to make it appear as if there are ghosts around you. You can control the number of ghosts that appear on the images and you can set their transparency.

The effect is actually pretty convincing; the pictures this app produces are definitely eerie making it perfect for pranks. You’ll freak people out after you take their picture and show it to them.

Halloween Postage – $0.99

Postage is one of the most popular apps in the App Store and this special Halloween is perfect for fright night. If you aren’t familiar with Postage, it’s an app that lets you create custom postcards with photos from your iPhone. You can snap a photo or select one from your library. You then select the theme you want to use from various Halloween cards. Once your card is set, enter email addresses and send it to your friends and family.

Halloween Postage is a great way to share photos from your Halloween festivities.